Lotus Exige

Here is a Lotus Exige sports car that I’ve just made in Blender.
The model is not completely finished yet. But I couldn’t resist, I just had to make a couple of shiny renders with Brechts amazing GPU-accelerated, unbiased render engine Cycles 🙂
Lotus Exige sports car front
Lotus Exige sports car back
and wireframes, directly from Blenders viewport
Lotus Exige wireframe 01
Lotus Exige wireframe 02
My plan is to make a short animation were this car get’s smashed by the robot guy.

This car is going to be included in my upcoming demo-reel. I have spent quite a bit of time revising, optimizing and rendering my old projects so that I can make a first edit of my reel. I’m aiming at a reel that is about one and a half minute long, and mostly oriented at modeling, but also shows texturing, lighting and compositing skills.


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