This is a collection of small game projects I helped make when I attended the Animation Workshop.

POD (bachelor project)

POD is our bachelor project that we are still working on here at the Animation Workshop in Viborg/Denmark. It is going to be a 3rd person action/adventure game, made in the Unreal  Engine 4. You can see more images from the game here:

My role: Technical Environment Artist

Download POD via GoogleDrive:

This game managed to snatch Best Student Game and Game of the Year at AlphaBetaGamer back in 2018.

Stay (school project)

3rd person platforming game that we made as a school project for the organization Bryd Tavsheden (Break the Silence) Made using Unity3d and programmed with the visual scripting system Playmaker from Hutong.

My role: Co-Programmer (together with classmate Tobias Larson)

Play it here: (unity webplayer)

or download it for Windows or Mac


That Island Game (sparetime project)

3rd Person Point and Click adventure game that me and my classmates made on our spare time at the Animation Workshop. Made in Unity3d.

My role: Lead artist

Play it here: (unity webplayer)

or play it on GameJolt

The Pirate Game (1 week school assignment)

“The Pirate Game” is a split-screen, 4-player co-op game where you play two teams against each other. The gunner and the captain has to cooperate to sink the opponents ship. Made in Unreal Engine 4.

My role: Prop Modeller

Teddy Quest (game jam)

Teddy Quest was made in 2 days during the Indie Spring Jam in Viborg/Denmark. We won first price for best graphics and best game. Made in Unity3d.

My role: Environment artist

Play it on GameJolt:

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