Viking Mech screenshot

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s 2 reasons for that. 1st is that I’ve been sick. Nothing serious, but I wasn’t able to work for about 1.5 week. That was very annoying.


2nd reason is that I’ve been very busy making a HiRes-model of the Viking Mech from the Starcraft 2 game.

Viking Mech screenshot

Here’s a Blender-screenshot with a “cycles render” on the left + openGL-wireframe to the right.

(click on the image above for HiRes version the screenshot)

I’ll post more about this project later

One thought on “Viking Mech screenshot

  1. Wow, amazing work. Much better than the official model–although then again, the official has to be relatively low-poly. Wonder if this beats the cinematic version. Great model and textures.

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