Tauren Marine 01

It’s been a while since i did a big modeling project. So i decided to get back in shape by modeling the Tauren Marine from the game Star Craft. The goal is to make a high quality character to put on my 2013 demo reel.

I actually started the Tauren Marine project over a year ago by sculpting and retopologizing his head. That was in September 2011, but at that time i had no chance of finishing the character. But now i do 🙂


The Tauren Marine is a Easter Egg in the game Star Craft 2.  My main reference for this model is a concept drawing by Samwise Didier (art director at Blizzard). You can watch the concept art and get more info on the Tauren Marine at the link bellow:


It’s still very early but most of the big parts are in. I’m probably still going to change parts of it though.

here’s the video of me modeling the tauren head from 2011  (18 min long)

[vimeo clip_id=”29774128″ width=”720″][/vimeo]

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