Moving to Denmark

i’ve now moved from beautiful, idyllic Stadsbygd/Norway(see image above) to beautiful and idyllic Viborg/Denmark (see image bellow).

i’m about to start a bachelors degree, studying Computer Graphics Arts, at “The Animation Workshop” here in Viborg (

I have to admit that is does feel a bit strange to go back to school as a student. I started doing CG almost 10 years ago, and I’ve been working professionally for about 5 years now, so going back to school is indeed strange. But a few months back i learned about this school (this was 1.5 month before the

admission deadline), and i realized that even though i had never heard about the school itself, i did recognize a lot of the student productions:

Like Saga of Biorn,


Elk Hair Caddies


Backwater Gospel


and Space Stallion (heheh)


So after a bit of digging i learned that this school seemed to be really (Really) good and i realized that i wanted to attend. So i jumped in, made a portfolio, applied and got accepted đŸ™‚

here’s a few more pictures that i took today from Viborg:

and since i’ve included so many youtube videos in this post, i might as well leave you with one more. Enjoy:

The Reward



One thought on “Moving to Denmark

  1. Hello, I’m considering applying to that same school. And would like to know if the admission process is hard, regarding the portofolio. I’d like to ask if you could send me your portofolio or at least some tips so I ca improve mine. I’d also like to ask if life in Viborg is expensive and complicated. Is it hard to find housing and job?
    Thank you very much, and your post was very helpfull.


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