Hydralisk WIP 08 – Weight Painting + Pose Rig

I’ve made a quick pose rig and decided to do a proper job weighting this guy.

This time I used a technique from Nathan Vegdahl’s Mammoth weighting-tutorial. Follow the link bellow if you want to know more about that.

Nathan’s Mammoth tutorial

I’m not currently planing on making an animation, but in theory I could reuse this “Pose Rig-weighting” and make a full Animation-Rig with that.

Bellow you can see a 2 poses, the right one is just to show that he is in fact quite flexible.



2 thoughts on “Hydralisk WIP 08 – Weight Painting + Pose Rig

  1. Can you make tutorial start from Sculptris,Blender to Octane…,
    I really want to learn your work from start to finish..,You have amazing skill,
    If you make tutorial surely your site become famous..,
    Pay tutorial is good too..
    *sorry for bad english

  2. Hi Ecceptor (I don’t know if it makes sense to reply to your answer here but..). Glad you like my site!
    I’m currently doing a environment project, I’ll try to make a post about that one in about a weeks time. When I’m finished with that then maybe I’ll have time to do a quick project and record a tutorial (I’m thinking concept-sculpting + retopo-modelling).
    And yes, I also think that this site would be a lot more popular if there where some tutorials 🙂

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