Hydralisk WIP 05 – UV’s and Zbrush

The UV’s are done and I’m well into the zbrush-stage.

Here’s a render from Zbrush. I’m just trying to to get some kind of cool pose quickly with the transpose-tools within zbrush

(btw, this is not the final pose).


This time I did the UV’s in Headus UV-Layout, it’s an application specifically made for creating high quality UV’s. Check it out on http://www.uvlayout.com/

UV creation can be a very tedious process, but it’s important to do it properly if you plan to paint in 2d. I’m likely going to paint in both 3d and 2d with a combination of blender, gimp and zbrush.

This model took a little over 3 hours to unwrap from start to finish.


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