My personal collection of scripts, mostly for modelling.

Current Version : v0.3.0, Posted 25-April-2019
You can get the addon here:
KTools Download (compatible with Blender 2.8)

  • Version 0.3.0 of KTools does not currently register any menus or hotkeys, so as a workaround solution you can set up the KTools menus to a hotkey in the preferences manually under the keymap tab.
  • Add new keymap item under 3D View / Object Mode / Object Mode (Global) and assign “object.ktools_object” to whatever hotkey you like.
  • and same goes for the mesh menu except you put that one under 3D View / Mesh Mode / Mesh Mode (Global) and assign “mesh.ktools_mesh”

Old Version : v0.2.9, Posted 21-May-2017
You can get the addon here:
KTools Download (compatible with Blender 2.79)

  • You will find the ktools-menu at the bottom of the Edit Mode W-Specials menu.
  • This addon also sets “Shift+Q” as a hotkey to the ktools-menu (works in both Edit- and Object-mode)

 Cut Tool – mesh.cut_tool

  • context sensitive cut tool
  • cuts based on the currently selected verts, edges or polygons
  • if nothing is selected then it will start up the knife tool
  • options for Number of Cuts, Smoothness and Quad Corner Type
  • also has option for inserting loop cut on the selected edges
  • NOTE: cutting selected polys works best on single strips of polygons


 Build Corner – mesh.build_corner

  • builds corner topology
  • turns N-gons into usable topology (sometimes)
  • good for changing the edge flow of your model
  • preserves UV’s
  • modal operator (works interactively)
  • NOTE: currently only works on one face-region at a time


Snap to Axis – mesh.snaptoaxis

  • snaps the selected verts, edges or polygons to 0 in the selected axis
  • also has option for adding a mirror modifier




Lattice to Selection – object.lattice_to_selection

  • creates a Lattice that scales and orients itself based on the selection
  • “Local” will orient the lattice to the active object
  • works in both Object- and Edit-mode
  • has option for adding the lattice modifier as the first on in the stack
  • currently works only with Mesh objects
  • NOTE: Redo Last (F6) does not work well in Edit-mode. Object-mode works fine


Draw Poly – mesh.draw_poly

  • Shift-Click inverts the face
  • works in both Object- and Edit-mode
  • MiddleMouse gives you a quadrangulated result instead of an N-Gon
  • Ctrl-Click toggles off snapping
  • if nothing is selected then it will create a new object and draw within it


 Quick Bool – object.quickbool

      • quickly carves out the selected objects from the active object with one click
      • also works in Edit mode by carving out the selected polygons (you only need to select 1 vert/edge/face, the tool will “select linked” automatically)
      • has options for Union, Intersect and Difference
      • in Object mode it has options for not deleting the “carve” objects
      • has option for moving the “carve” objects to layer 10 (that is my “garbage layer”)


 Auto Tubes – mesh.autotubes

    • creates a tube based on the selected edges
    • options for changing the Width and Bevel Resolution
    • NOTE: this tool will creates a curve w/Bevel. Curves can easily be converted to a mesh with  “Alt+C / Convert to Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text” (in Object mode)


 Shrinkwrap Smooth – mesh.shrinkwrap_smooth

    • smooths while trying to keep the original shape with a Shrinkwrap modifier
    • great for evening out topology
    • options for pinning the selection border and changing the Shrinkwrap Mode
    • Subsurf option makes the shrinkwrap more reliable, but slower.


 Toggle Silhouette – object.toggle_silhouette

    • turns everything black so that you can evaluate the overall shape (which makes this tool very useful while designing)
    • works in every mode



Paint Selection – view3d.selection_paint

  • Select multiple objects, verts, edges or polys in one stroke
  • Has options for Toggle selection and Deselect
  • Clicking outside of the mesh with Toggle on will deselect everything
  • NOTE: This script will not appear in the menu. Also, having the Toggle option on might cause a delay before the tool starts selecting (on heavy meshes)


Shrink Loop – mesh.shrink_loop

    • shrinks the selected loop
    • works on vert-, edge- and polygon-selections
    • option for shrinking multiple steps at a time.



Path Select Ring – mesh.path_select_ring

    • path select partial edge rings
    • option for interactively picking edges
    • also option for instantly collapsing the selected edges



(the following tools still don’t have GIFs: Grow Loops, Autosmooth and Calculate Normals)

Update history:

v0.3.0 – 25-April-2019
Initial port over to Blender 2.80
Removed PolyDraw

v0.2.9 – 21-May-2017
Renamed from ‘Kjartans Scripts’ to ‘KTools’ to be more consistent.
Added poll functions to ensure that scripts are not run in wrong contexts.
Reworked the script to be more readable.
Removed options in the redo last operator / f6 panel for Shrinkwrap Smooth (For some reason changing any options there would re-run the operator. You can still access the options if you assign them to a key input via UserPref/Input.)
New Tool – Context Sensitive Merge Tool
Fixed Bugs – If the active object was not selected it would confuse the Lattice to Selection script

Quick Bool – there is already a native tool for this in Blender, so it is outdated.
Path Select Ring – also outdated.
Extend Loop – outdated.
Basic Rename – there are way better scripts out there for renaming, so I removed it.

v0.2.8 – 07-May-2016
new feature: Lattice to Selection
added a GUI header info to Draw Poly

v0.2.7 – 21-Nov-2015
new feature: Path Select Ring
cut tool will invoke knife in more situations
removed Nearest Vertex option in Shrinkwrap Smooth
added subsurf option (more reliable, but slower results) in Shrinkwrap Smooth
fixed bug in Shrinkwrap Smooth with “cull faces”
fixed bug in Shrinkwrap Smooth if vertex weight was not set too 1
fixed bug in Shrinkwrap Smooth where it would add selected verts to existing vertex groups
fixed bug where menu would give an error if the object was not on a visible layer

v0.2.6 – 31-Oct-2015
new feature: Toggle Silhouette
new feature: Paint Selection
added options to QuickBool for Union, Intersect and Difference
changed DrawPoly to not snap by default
fixed bug in QuickBool where it would remove existing Boolean modifier
fixed obscure bug where the wrong menu would show up in Edit mode if no object was selected but you still had an object active

v0.2.5 – 25-Oct-2015
new feature: drawPoly
fixed selection bug with shrinksmooth
fixed small bug with mirror mod in snapToAxis
fixed bug with with menu where it would fail if there was no active object
quickBool does a “select linked” first, so now you only need to select one face/edge/vert in Edit mode to carve out that piece

v0.2.4 – 19-Oct-2015:
Converted Snap-to-X into SnapToAxis. This tool will now snap to any axis. Also has option for adding a mirror modifier
Added the menu into the W-Specials Edit mode menu
Also added a shortcut to Shift+Q for the ktools menu
RMB-click or Esc while using the BuildCorner will reset the tool

v0.2.3 – 14-Oct-2015:
First version online