I’ve been doing quite a few speed paintings the last few weeks. Most of the paintings that i have done up until now have been monochromatic, so I made these specifically to practice working in color. All done in Painter 12 with a Samsung Slate 7.

based on screenshot of a Mass Effect cinematic from Digic Pictures

based on a 3d render made by Dmitriy “zxcman” (that is again based on a concept by Joe Peterson)

this one is also based on a Mass Effect cinematic from Digic Pictures.

This is painted from the movie Gruffalo.


Voronoi Fracturing Tutorial

[vimeo clip_id=”49629553″ width=”700″][/vimeo]

Here’s a tutorial on fracturing dynamic workflow in Blender. It shows one way to break up a wall using boolean operations, how to use the new voronoi cell fracture addon that comes with blender and how to make it all move and react dynamically.

This is the first tutorial i’ve done with sound and i have to say that recording my own voice was incredibly difficult to do! But it was a nice experience and i’m happy to have done it.


I hope you find it useful.
Thanks for watching.

Mango finished

I’m back home after 6 months of working for the Blender Foundation in Amsterdam.  Working on a short film has always been one of my goals, and finally after doing CG for almost nine years i can check that one off my list. It’s been an amazing experience and i’m happy with how the movie turned out.

The production of the movie still has a month left. Andy, Sebastian, Ian and Francesco is going to do the very last final touches + making the dvd!

Moar paintings!

Most of my time and energy right now is going into making the short vfx film project Mango, so this blog is being a bit neglected. I’m not expecting anyone is actually following this blog anymore, but here is a update anyway!

Here’s a few of my paintings that i’ve done on my free time. All done just for fun, with Painter 12 (except for that fat guy, he was painted in Krita) on a Samsung Slate 7 tablet.


Mango Teaser

The teaser for project Mango is out!

[youtube WwHux5QZfC8]

read more on tearsofsteel.org

Animal Painting Study

Here’s a painting i did of an awesome cat. Based on a picture i found when searching for “awesome cat” 🙂

Done in Painter 12

Little Alien painting

Bellow is a picture i painted, just for practice and fun. It’s based on a piece by a great artist called Ali Zafati (click here to see his portfolio on cgtalk)

Done in Corel Painter 12


Kickoff Workshop

I’m in Amsterdam! Doing CG for the Blender Foundation and having fun 🙂

Our first assignment was to create a short film in 5 days, written by Ton Rosendaal.

[youtube FgK1iTtWRbk]

You can read more about it on the mango blog:



Haha! I finally got the youtube video embed thing working.

[youtube 3-XZ-LJC7_8 700]

I’ve been doing a lot of research on physics for Mango. The video above shows a few of the tests I’ve made. I wrote about it on the mango blog here:


and also here:


Mango Preorder and Concept art

Pre-sale of the Mango DVD just started! Pre-order to support open source development and improve Blenders VFX pipeline.



Also, David Revoy has made some awesome concept art for Mango. Go to the mango blog and check it out!