Tears of Steel (aka Project Mango)

From march to august 2012 I worked in Amsterdam as a VFX artist on a short film called Tears of Steel. This was the forth open movie project made by the Blender Institute

Rigging test by Jeremy Davidson 

I did the model, texturing and shading of the Quadbot. Additional modeling by Ian Hubert (lots of details in the face region + lamp) and Jeremy Davidson (he did a part of the back leg)

On this project I had the privilege to work together with the amazing core developers of Blender. So if something went wrong, or if we felt like we needed a new feature in Blender, they could fix it right there on the spot. Best tech support ever 🙂

In addition to that I got to work with great artists from all around the world. We had people from Russia, Australia, USA, Italy, Germany and me (from little Norway).

For more info on the project visit this website –


Here’s a few images from the short.
Bellow each image is a description of what i did on each shot.

FX + Additional modelling and texturing of the church

Scene lighting, compositing and fx + modeled and textured the robots

Modeled the robot hand + made clean plate for compositing

Scene lighting, compositing and fx

Scene lighting and compositing + additional modeling and texturing of the church

Modeled and textured the robots + i did additional scene lighting and compositing

Modeled and textured the robot + additional modeling on the harness

Modeled and textured the robot hand + did lighting and compositing on the leftmost shot

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