This is a collection of small game projects I helped make when I attended the Animation Workshop.

POD (bachelor project)

POD is our bachelor project that we are still working on here at the Animation Workshop in Viborg/Denmark. It is going to be a 3rd person action/adventure game, made in the Unreal  Engine 4. You can see more images from the game here:

My role: Technical Environment Artist

Download POD via GoogleDrive:

This game managed to snatch Best Student Game and Game of the Year at AlphaBetaGamer back in 2018.

Stay (school project)

3rd person platforming game that we made as a school project for the organization Bryd Tavsheden (Break the Silence) Made using Unity3d and programmed with the visual scripting system Playmaker from Hutong.

My role: Co-Programmer (together with classmate Tobias Larson)

Play it here: (unity webplayer)

or download it for Windows or Mac


That Island Game (sparetime project)

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3rd Person Point and Click adventure game that me and my classmates made on our spare time at the Animation Workshop. Made in Unity3d.

My role: Lead artist

Play it here: (unity webplayer)

or play it on GameJolt

The Pirate Game (1 week school assignment)

“The Pirate Game” is a split-screen, 4-player co-op game where you play two teams against each other. The gunner and the captain has to cooperate to sink the opponents ship. Made in Unreal Engine 4.

My role: Prop Modeller

Teddy Quest (game jam)

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Teddy Quest was made in 2 days during the Indie Spring Jam in Viborg/Denmark. We won first price for best graphics and best game. Made in Unity3d.

My role: Environment artist

Play it on GameJolt: