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The last few weeks has been quite busy for me. I finished the Tauren Marine model, and it was received really well. It got featured in the header on two different websites + it also got a place in the permanent gallery over at Very cool indeed.

I also finished a first version of my 2013 demo reel and did a redesign of this website. In addition to that I was asked to write an interview by two different websites. That was really cool. I’ve never been interviewed before.

oh! And one more thing. I wrote some tips for an upcoming issue of 3d Artist magazine. That magazine should be packed with blender-goodies, so if you are a blender-fan then you probably want to get your hands on that one.

The interview on BlenderCookie (interview in English) – BlenderCookie is one of the best tutorial-sites for Blender.

and (in Norwegian) – this is a Norwegian-online-magazine for creative people.

Mango finished

I’m back home after 6 months of working for the Blender Foundation in Amsterdam.  Working on a short film has always been one of my goals, and finally after doing CG for almost nine years i can check that one off my list. It’s been an amazing experience and i’m happy with how the movie turned out.

The production of the movie still has a month left. Andy, Sebastian, Ian and Francesco is going to do the very last final touches + making the dvd!

Mango Teaser

The teaser for project Mango is out!

[youtube WwHux5QZfC8]


Kickoff Workshop

I’m in Amsterdam! Doing CG for the Blender Foundation and having fun 🙂

Our first assignment was to create a short film in 5 days, written by Ton Rosendaal.

[youtube FgK1iTtWRbk]

You can read more about it on the mango blog:

Mango Preorder and Concept art

Pre-sale of the Mango DVD just started! Pre-order to support open source development and improve Blenders VFX pipeline.


Also, David Revoy has made some awesome concept art for Mango. Go to the mango blog and check it out!