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Hydralisk work-in-progress 02

Hydralisk body update. It’s by far the most time consuming sculptris-model I’ve ever made (approx. 4 days of work).

This sculpt is going to be used as “snapping-mesh” for future retopology work + further Zbrush sculpting. Good times ahead!

Hydralisk work-in-progress 01

Here’s the start of my newest project. A Zerg Hydralisk from the Star Craft games. I’m currently retopo-modelling this head bust.

Quick Sculptris Models

Just a quick sculpt made for practice.

Here’s a demon-sculpt I recently did in Sculptris. I tried to reference a design from a Diablo cinematic from Blizzard.

Sculptris is a great little free sculpting application. Absolutely perfect for quick concepts and sketches.
get it from Pixologic –

Male Anatomy Reference


I just discovered something unexpected. I checked my statistics-overview-system-thing, and apparently “Freedom of Teach” and “Anatomy” was the two leading google-searches directing people to my “old” website. It was via this old image I took of my anatomy echorche sculpture.

So I thought it would be a good idea to have it visible here, in case anyone wants to use it for reference.



PS: I’m still thinking of doing a tutorial, I just don’t know what it should be about yet. I’m taking a little break from projects, so hopefully some kind of “good enough” concept of what to make will reveal itself. We’ll see.

Old youtube tutorial

Here’s an old video tutorial that I made a long time ago. It’s very poor quality, but still watchable.

I’m close to finishing my reel, that means I have time to do other stuff. Maybe I’ll make a tutorial 🙂

Demo Reel WIP 01

It’s very early days still, but here you can take a sneak peak at my upcoming demo-reel.

updated 18.06.11

Right Click/ Save As on this > LINK (this link will probably be updated in the future)

Demo Reel intro

PS: I forgot to mention, this music is not necessarily going to be on the final version (I haven’t asked for permission yet)

update: I got permission from Scott Verbeek to use his music. That’s awesome!

Lotus Exige

Here is a Lotus Exige sports car that I’ve just made in Blender.
The model is not completely finished yet. But I couldn’t resist, I just had to make a couple of shiny renders with Brechts amazing GPU-accelerated, unbiased render engine Cycles 🙂
Lotus Exige sports car front
Lotus Exige sports car back
and wireframes, directly from Blenders viewport
Lotus Exige wireframe 01
Lotus Exige wireframe 02
My plan is to make a short animation were this car get’s smashed by the robot guy.

This car is going to be included in my upcoming demo-reel. I have spent quite a bit of time revising, optimizing and rendering my old projects so that I can make a first edit of my reel. I’m aiming at a reel that is about one and a half minute long, and mostly oriented at modeling, but also shows texturing, lighting and compositing skills.


Shark Ride Publicity

My “Shark Ride” image has received a lot of attention lately.

  1. The image is going to be included in Jonathan Williamson’s Character Development in Blender book.
  2. It was featured on, the most popular site for Blender related news
  3. It was accepted in a more permanent gallery (Utvalgte arbeider) on the norwegian site
  4. and it was included in an article about open-source applications on > Link to article
  5. it also has more than 70 comments and over 10 000 views on (definitely a new personal record)

I want to thank everyone responsible for making this happen.

Hard-Surface Modeling WIP-03

Here’s my robot-guy in  a little more relaxed pose. I have been doing a lot of uv’ing, texture-baking and painting scratches (no photos  used at this point actually) + made a simple pose-rig (not animatable). I don’t consider the textures finished yet, needs more work.

Now I’m planning to do turntable renderings of this guy + some of my other projects.

Hard-Surface Modeling WIP-02


Work on this project has been slow because of Easter . But now I’m more or less finished modeling this guy. I am planing to do more detail work later on though.

Now it’s time for UV’s, Textures and the joys of Rigging! Yay!