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Viking Mech screenshot

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s 2 reasons for that. 1st is that I’ve been sick. Nothing serious, but I wasn’t able to work for about 1.5 week. That was very annoying.


2nd reason is that I’ve been very busy making a HiRes-model of the Viking Mech from the Starcraft 2 game.

Viking Mech screenshot

Here’s a Blender-screenshot with a “cycles render” on the left + openGL-wireframe to the right.

(click on the image above for HiRes version the screenshot)

I’ll post more about this project later

Hydralisk – update

Here’s an update of the Hydralisk-project. It’s just 1 frame of a short animation that I’m currently rendering.

It’s rendered in Cycles, with additional passes rendered in BI.

Hashima animation on vimeo

Small post. I rendered a short camera-animation + compositing breakdown of the project

watch it on vimeo!

Hashima (exterior Cycles-render)

I wanted to test Cycles with a real environment project. So I recreated a scene from an actual place called Hashima.

(click to watch Hi-Res)

Hashima is an island outside of Japan that was used as a coal mining facility from 1887 to 1974. It’s been completly abandoned since then. You can read more about it here:


I used Cycles as main-renderer. Additional passes like volumetrics, ID-pass, AO and Mist was rendered in BI and composited in.

The ivy was made with  the IvyGen addon, the rest was modelled manually.

Hope you like it!


Hydralisk WIP 08 – Weight Painting + Pose Rig

I’ve made a quick pose rig and decided to do a proper job weighting this guy.

This time I used a technique from Nathan Vegdahl’s Mammoth weighting-tutorial. Follow the link bellow if you want to know more about that.

Nathan’s Mammoth tutorial

I’m not currently planing on making an animation, but in theory I could reuse this “Pose Rig-weighting” and make a full Animation-Rig with that.

Bellow you can see a 2 poses, the right one is just to show that he is in fact quite flexible.



Hydralisk WIP 07 – turntable animation

Small update. Turntable animation in the link below

Hydralisk_sekv3_HD.mp4 (right click+ save as)

here’s 2 frames from the animation

Hydralisk WIP 06 – Texturing + Octane render

I have done a little bit of texture painting and baking + decided to render this project in Octane rendering engine. Here’s a wip-render I did with the Blender 2.5 connection-plugin for Octane.

For those of you who do not know Octane, it’s a really cool, realistic-type rendering engine that runs on Nvidia graphic-cards. You can check it out on

Btw, I’m going away on a small trip so there won’t be any updates the next 3-4 days.

Hydralisk WIP 05 – UV’s and Zbrush

The UV’s are done and I’m well into the zbrush-stage.

Here’s a render from Zbrush. I’m just trying to to get some kind of cool pose quickly with the transpose-tools within zbrush

(btw, this is not the final pose).


This time I did the UV’s in Headus UV-Layout, it’s an application specifically made for creating high quality UV’s. Check it out on

UV creation can be a very tedious process, but it’s important to do it properly if you plan to paint in 2d. I’m likely going to paint in both 3d and 2d with a combination of blender, gimp and zbrush.

This model took a little over 3 hours to unwrap from start to finish.


Hydralisk work-in-progress 04

Body retopology-update
Hydralisk body retopology

Hydralisk work-in-progress 03

Hydralisk retopology update