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Tauren Marine 03 Paintover (Updated)

(Update: Added more paintovers for the rifle and his back)

This is my attempt at doing paintovers. This is something I did quite a lot of when I made the Quadbot for Tears of Steel.

Tauren Marine 02 rifle

Here’s his rifle at it’s current state.

Tauren Marine 01

It’s been a while since i did a big modeling project. So i decided to get back in shape by modeling the Tauren Marine from the game Star Craft. The goal is to make a high quality character to put on my 2013 demo reel.

I actually started the Tauren Marine project over a year ago by sculpting and retopologizing his head. That was in September 2011, but at that time i had no chance of finishing the character. But now i do ūüôā


The Tauren Marine is a Easter Egg in the game Star Craft 2.  My main reference for this model is a concept drawing by Samwise Didier (art director at Blizzard). You can watch the concept art and get more info on the Tauren Marine at the link bellow:

Fluids with foam/spray

During Project Mango i did a lot of FX work. Lots of breaking stuff, smoke and particles. But no fluids.

So now that Mango is over i decided to spend a bit of time to explore the fluid simulator. I’ve been working at a studio in Oslo for the whole month of¬†October, so i only had time¬†to play with this stuff¬†after work hours.

Update nov 09 2012

Here’s the blend file if you want to play with it:


[vimeo clip_id=”52990029″¬†width=”720″][/vimeo]

I researched the websites of the other fluid-simulators (like naiad, realflow, pheonix and houdini) just to see how their stuff looks like compared to blenders. I also watched a lot of tutorials on the subject and scoured youtube looking for blender fluid videos.

One thing i realized was that none of the blender fluid examples had foam/spray in them. When you do a water¬†simulation,¬†that is bigger then lets say pouring water in a cup, then you probably will have small droplets¬†being¬†created. If you¬†don’t¬†have that then the scale of the simulation will always look smaller then what it really is. So i spent a lot of time trying to find a good way of rendering foam and small droplets.

It could still be improved, but i’m kinda happy with the results.

Anatomy study WIP

When i started 3d i also felt it was natural to study anatomy. So when i got my first job doing 3d i then spent my first salary on this guy->

Since then i always wanted to make a digital sculpt of him. 5 years later i finally had time to do just that ūüôā

He’s still work in progress. I’m not a 100% sure if i’m going to finish him because i know its going to take ¬†a very long time to get him to a final state.

I used sculptris to start, then i moved it over to zbush (used qmesher to retopo).




Haha! I finally got the youtube video embed thing working.

[youtube 3-XZ-LJC7_8 700]

I’ve been doing a lot of research on physics for Mango. The video above shows a few of the tests I’ve made. I wrote about it on the mango blog here:

and also here:

Project Mango


It’s official. I’m going to be working full time in Amsterdam on Project Mango!

For me the project doesn’t start until March 2012. That means I still have time to prepare and practice on stuff that will be relevant to the project.

Out December my plan is to become a little bit more comfortable with concepting robots, with a combination of 2d and 3d tools. After that I’ll probably do a small VFX project just for practicing things like tracking and general FX-work.

This is going to be cool ūüėÄ

Demo Reel 2.0

Yesterday I removed the old demoreel and replaced it with a new one. And today I sent in my application for project Mango to Ton! Fingers are crossed..

For you who don’t know what project Mango is. It’s a open movie project in Amsterdam.

Here’s a link to the project-blog: ¬†


Check out the new reel on vimeo, youtube or download it directly from here


Custom HDRI environment

For those of you who don’t know, HDRI-environments are 32-bit images that you can use in your 3d scenes as way to more¬†accurately¬†replicate lighting and reflections from a real life set. That makes it perfect for VFX integration work like in the image below

This image is a frame from a short animation I did for my demo reel.

The background plate was shot in 720p with my handheld Panasonic DMC-TZ10 camera. It was rendered in Cycles, with a custom HDRI-environment. Additional passes was rendered with Blender Internal and comped on top, like AO, Shadow and Velocity-passes.


I’ve used HDRI’s for years, but I have never actually known exactly how make one from scratch…¬†until¬†now ūüôā

Real life shiny ball to the left, and Computer Generated version of the same scene on the right. That is really cool!

Unfortunately Gimp does not support 32-bit images so I had to use Photoshop to create this. It would be really nice to be able to create this kind of HDRI with open source software. Hopefully Gimp will support 32-bit in the future.


Viking Mech Rig

I’ve spent a bit of time organizing all the objects in the scene. Everything is now named properly + fully rigged and should be ready to animate!