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Figure Drawings


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I’ve been doing quite a few speed paintings the last few weeks. Most of the paintings that i have done up until now have been monochromatic, so I made these specifically to practice working in color. All done in Painter 12 with a Samsung Slate 7.

based on screenshot of a Mass Effect cinematic from Digic Pictures

based on a 3d render made by Dmitriy “zxcman” (that is again based on a concept by Joe Peterson)

this one is also based on a Mass Effect cinematic from Digic Pictures.

This is painted from the movie Gruffalo.


Moar paintings!

Most of my time and energy right now is going into making the short vfx film project Mango, so this blog is being a bit neglected. I’m not expecting anyone is actually following this blog anymore, but here is a update anyway!

Here’s a few of my paintings that i’ve done on my free time. All done just for fun, with Painter 12 (except for that fat guy, he was painted in Krita) on a Samsung Slate 7 tablet.


Animal Painting Study

Here’s a painting i did of an awesome cat. Based on a picture i found when searching for “awesome cat” 🙂

Done in Painter 12

Little Alien painting

Bellow is a picture i painted, just for practice and fun. It’s based on a piece by a great artist called Ali Zafati (click here to see his portfolio on cgtalk)

Done in Corel Painter 12


Digital Sketches

Now that the reel is finally finished I can spend some time to expand my skills a bit.

So I bought Corel Painter 12 on a sale a couple weeks back and have been learning the software, watching painting-tutorials and practicing. Bellow you can see a collage of images I’ve made the last few days. They are all unfinished sketches just made for fun (and of course for practicing digital sketching/painting).