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I’m sorry for not putting out any new work on this blog. Twitter and Tumblr is filling in my need for sharing all my random drawings, painting and cg stuff:
so if you want to follow what i’m up to then you are more then welcome to follow me on either one of those.

Moving to Denmark

i’ve now moved from beautiful, idyllic Stadsbygd/Norway(see image above) to beautiful and idyllic Viborg/Denmark (see image bellow).

i’m about to start a bachelors degree, studying Computer Graphics Arts, at “The Animation Workshop” here in Viborg (

I have to admit that is does feel a bit strange to go back to school as a student. I started doing CG almost 10 years ago, and I’ve been working professionally for about 5 years now, so going back to school is indeed strange. But a few months back i learned about this school (this was 1.5 month before the

admission deadline), and i realized that even though i had never heard about the school itself, i did recognize a lot of the student productions:

Like Saga of Biorn,



The last few weeks has been quite busy for me. I finished the Tauren Marine model, and it was received really well. It got featured in the header on two different websites + it also got a place in the permanent gallery over at Very cool indeed.

I also finished a first version of my 2013 demo reel and did a redesign of this website. In addition to that I was asked to write an interview by two different websites. That was really cool. I’ve never been interviewed before.

oh! And one more thing. I wrote some tips for an upcoming issue of 3d Artist magazine. That magazine should be packed with blender-goodies, so if you are a blender-fan then you probably want to get your hands on that one.

The interview on BlenderCookie (interview in English) – BlenderCookie is one of the best tutorial-sites for Blender.

and (in Norwegian) – this is a Norwegian-online-magazine for creative people.

Tauren Marine 04 WIP Video

Figure Drawings


atlas  chest_hogarth



Tauren Marine 03 Paintover (Updated)

(Update: Added more paintovers for the rifle and his back)

This is my attempt at doing paintovers. This is something I did quite a lot of when I made the Quadbot for Tears of Steel.

Tauren Marine 02 rifle

Here’s his rifle at it’s current state.

Tauren Marine 01

It’s been a while since i did a big modeling project. So i decided to get back in shape by modeling the Tauren Marine from the game Star Craft. The goal is to make a high quality character to put on my 2013 demo reel.

I actually started the Tauren Marine project over a year ago by sculpting and retopologizing his head. That was in September 2011, but at that time i had no chance of finishing the character. But now i do 🙂


The Tauren Marine is a Easter Egg in the game Star Craft 2.  My main reference for this model is a concept drawing by Samwise Didier (art director at Blizzard). You can watch the concept art and get more info on the Tauren Marine at the link bellow:

Fluids with foam/spray

During Project Mango i did a lot of FX work. Lots of breaking stuff, smoke and particles. But no fluids.

So now that Mango is over i decided to spend a bit of time to explore the fluid simulator. I’ve been working at a studio in Oslo for the whole month of October, so i only had time to play with this stuff after work hours.

Update nov 09 2012

Here’s the blend file if you want to play with it:


[vimeo clip_id=”52990029″ width=”720″][/vimeo]

I researched the websites of the other fluid-simulators (like naiad, realflow, pheonix and houdini) just to see how their stuff looks like compared to blenders. I also watched a lot of tutorials on the subject and scoured youtube looking for blender fluid videos.

One thing i realized was that none of the blender fluid examples had foam/spray in them. When you do a water simulation, that is bigger then lets say pouring water in a cup, then you probably will have small droplets being created. If you don’t have that then the scale of the simulation will always look smaller then what it really is. So i spent a lot of time trying to find a good way of rendering foam and small droplets.

It could still be improved, but i’m kinda happy with the results.

Anatomy study WIP

When i started 3d i also felt it was natural to study anatomy. So when i got my first job doing 3d i then spent my first salary on this guy->

Since then i always wanted to make a digital sculpt of him. 5 years later i finally had time to do just that 🙂

He’s still work in progress. I’m not a 100% sure if i’m going to finish him because i know its going to take  a very long time to get him to a final state.

I used sculptris to start, then i moved it over to zbush (used qmesher to retopo).