Fluids with foam/spray

During Project Mango i did a lot of FX work. Lots of breaking stuff, smoke and particles. But no fluids.

So now that Mango is over i decided to spend a bit of time to explore the fluid simulator. I’ve been working at a studio in Oslo for the whole month of October, so i only had time to play with this stuff after work hours.

Update nov 09 2012

Here’s the blend file if you want to play with it:



[vimeo clip_id=”52990029″ width=”720″][/vimeo]

I researched the websites of the other fluid-simulators (like naiad, realflow, pheonix and houdini) just to see how their stuff looks like compared to blenders. I also watched a lot of tutorials on the subject and scoured youtube looking for blender fluid videos.

One thing i realized was that none of the blender fluid examples had foam/spray in them. When you do a water simulation, that is bigger then lets say pouring water in a cup, then you probably will have small droplets being created. If you don’t have that then the scale of the simulation will always look smaller then what it really is. So i spent a lot of time trying to find a good way of rendering foam and small droplets.

It could still be improved, but i’m kinda happy with the results.


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    Tom November 8, 2012

    Great example. Can you elaborate on the setup and compositing? I would love to see a blend.

    • Reply
      ktysdal November 8, 2012

      sure, i can share the blend file and put a link here. The file is at a different computer, so i wont do that today.

    • Reply
      ktysdal November 9, 2012

      Okey, the file is in the post. Let me know if it works or not.

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